The Right Stuff

I always talk about eating better to help take better care of yourself. I love reading blogs and books on these subjects. One big reason is that I’m always asking myself if I’m eating the right stuff.

The latest book I’ve been reading is from biohacker Dave Asprey who has got me into putting grass-fed butter, tea and MCT oil into a blender. It sounds weird but it’s fantastic. I also add in some local honey as well. Dave has a recipe for Bullet Proof Coffee that you can read about on his site.

A big problem in making this delicious and nutritious drink is in getting grass fed butter. After some great advice at a local farmers market, I found Rolling Meadows at Whole Foods. I’m not big on promoting brands but this company has a mission that I can really get behind. They’re making milk and butter from grass fed cows available in Canada. Why is this a big issue? People making milk focus on volume and people selling beef focus on volume. This is why hormones and corn are used to raise cattle. We should be focusing on the quality of the product. Grass fed from start to finish does this for cattle.

In software development, we also focus on volume too where we should be focusing on quality. We used to measure the caliber of a developer by the number of lines of code written in a day. Today I am often quite happy if we find a way to reduce the amount of code and still deliver what the customer wants. Even more important, I’ve realized that the number of lines isn’t relevant. What is important is that your code works, is readable and is updatable. That’s what refactoring is all about.

The next time you are putting something into your body or into your code, make sure it’s the right stuff.

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