What are you eating?

I love eating.  There are stories told about the amount of food I have consumed in one sitting. Some of them are true.

For most of my life I have eaten what I thought was healthy food. Often I would read about a report, or hear what someone’s doctor said and reevaluate my eating solution. This has continued with a continuous improvement model as I would refactor the diet from time to time. Last November (2011), it changed again.

Sitting with two other developers, we were discussing the upcoming Movember movement. This seemed like a good cause to follow. We all decided to grow mustaches to raise awareness for men’s cancers. One of the developers said “Yeah, and let’s not eat wheat for the whole month” I agreed whole heartily. He might have well have said to wear hats everyday of the month, I was in with the team.

This task was much harder then I previously realized. It seems wheat is in almost everything. Of course it is in cookies and cakes and bread and cereal but it’s also in things like soy sauce, beer, and pasta. Suddenly the foods that I was eating had been cut into severally. What was I, someone weighing 212lbs going to sustain myself with? My friend (who had convinced me to give up wheat) had been talking about paleo and primal diets.  These diets emulate what people ate a million (or so) years ago, arguing that this is what our bodies are designed to eat.  This made a lot of sense to me and also, fit into my regular diet of not eating processed foods. So I embraced a new diet for November which contained non-processed meat, tons of vegetables, eggs, fruit, nuts and cheese to get some extra fat (don’t freak out, we’ll deal with high fat, low carbs in another article).

So what happened? Well, when December came around, I felt so good, and had lost about 10lbs so I stayed on the diet.  Over the course of the next few months I dropped more weight and felt better then I had in years.  This experience inspired me to read more about health and combine my Agile and software craftsman knowledge into humanrefactoring.

Currently I have lost over 20lbs and 7% body fat. I play soccer with people 16 years younger then me.  I am stronger then ever and look better.

My question to you is “Do you want to roll back your internal clock? Be leaner, stronger and faster?”  Maybe you should think about what you are eating (and drinking).

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