A Small Change

Need a change? You probably do even if you don’t realize it.Image

I’m not talking about a drastic change in your life. That can be be stressful. I’m talking about small changes to keep yourself inspired, focused and excited in whatever you are doing.

Refactoring in software is all about making small changes that don’t impact behaviour. Refactoring in human development is all about making small changes in behaviour to self improve.

For example, getting a plant for your desk can make lots of small improvements to your day. Studies have shown that plants can increase productivity, filter the air, increase creativity, and reduce stress. Plants will even reduce noise in your office.

Another change is to go somewhere different. Go for a hike, visit another city, or go to a museum. Changing the world you see around you can change the way you see the world. An even better thing is to interact with people from a different place. This can give you a great opportunity to learn new things.

The big thing to remember is to keep changing things around you. Take a different route to work, take a night course, join a gym. The important part is that you’re stimulating your life making little changes.

Refactoring is not about doing some large or drastic. Few diet or exercise plans like this survive. Instead, do something small. Little changes are sustainable. Little changes will improve everything over time.




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