Belief is a very powerful thing.

Having others believe in you can give you confidence to overcome fear.

One type of fear is the fear of success. How can success be fearful? It scares us because it brings us into an unfamiliar area. It takes us from our comfort zone. We wonder how it will change our lives and whether we will still be happy. The impact can be so intense that we can sabotage our own best laid plans. We become so familiar with the journey that we become scared of what we will do when we arrive at our destination. Success brings change.

However, if there is someone who believes in us, we have the support we need to adjust to this new universe we find ourselves in. A programmer who has someone pairing with him who believes in his potential will explore new ideas and solutions, knowing that he can become something greater.  Someone who is trying out a new diet, has the confidence to stick to their goals and succeed when someone else believes in what they’re trying to accomplish.

Pair programming has so many benefits for developers so why not achieve your personal goals with someone else. Get a work out buddy, a personal trainer, or best of all, get someone you cares about you to be part of your fitness goal.

When you have someone who believes in you, the whole world can be your stage.

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