What motivates you? What makes you want to do something more? What makes you get out of bed and go running? What makes you want to make today better than yesterday? The answer to these questions is commonly ‘Inspiration’.

Inspiration comes in many forms. You might want to get healthy so you can see your child grow up and be an active part of his or her life. You may want to get the attention of a certain someone. Maybe your tired of looking in the mirror and seeing something different then how you view yourself. Perhaps you would like to be a bit more like someone else.

It is what makes our heart beat faster and makes us say “I think I can”. Sometimes it makes us do crazy things. Sometimes it makes us reach for goals that we thought were out of reach. Sometimes it fuels great art.

From all the people I have spoken with regarding humanrefactor, they all seem to be inspired to improve by something.

If you’re lucky, you work in an environment that is inspirational.  Maybe you’re what makes your environment that way. Kudos to you if that’s the case because people need to be inspired.  We need people to jump out of space, try to walk across Canada with cancer, or stand up and say ‘No!’

We need people to stand up and make a difference, people who stand up and inspire others.  Go ahead, inspire!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. THANK – YOU. YOU just inspired me – again! Thanks for the fuel and a great reminder. I am inspired by everyday to learn something new and make a difference, by my incredibly talented wife, by my family for their sacrifices, by the community which taught me so much, helped me grow and friends who have been my critique and mirror.

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