Hello, world!

Hey! It’s the start of a new blog.  Can you feel the excitement?

This blog is going to be where I will write about my latest passion:  I want all the developers in the world to apply the concepts of Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Refactoring to their own lives.  Huh?

I want to show you a way to achieve your health and happiness goals.

Don’t be scared.  I will guide you through this process.  If you don’t know what TDD and Refactoring are and you write code, this might get a bit confusing.  You should go and learn these things.  I recommend Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, and Robert C. Martin to get you started.

I will be posting findings and lessons learned here for everyone to benefit from.  (Some information might be changed for confidentiality).  Topics will include but are not limited to food, diet, exercise, focusing, energy use, preparation, rewards and inspiration.

Where this will go? I don’t know.  I prefer to let the program emerge from the tests we throw at it.  That way we can end up with a solution we couldn’t have imagined possible.

2 thoughts on “Hello, world!

  1. So glad to see this launched! Your “refactoring” session at SF Agile earlier this month got me back on track w/ my workout program & healthy eating. I feel soooo much better. Looking forward to learning new ways to apply refactoring patterns to my personal life!

    One thing I’d like more help with: your idea of writing down every activity we enjoy, but then paring that down to the top 4. I’m finding it hard to give anything up, though I finally decided I could scale back on gardening – I enjoy it, and it’s good for me, but there are other things I enjoy more, and I can’t do everything. I can support local farmers, and stop trying to make my own yard perfect!

    • Glad your eating and living healthy!

      Gardening is awesome but it does take a lot of time.
      I used to grow giant pumpkins which was fun but it was a lot of time and effort.
      If giving it up is hard, maybe you can have a smaller garden.

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